Larger Accents: Backdrops, Panels, Arches and Pillars

Product price list

Make a bold aesthetic statement with visually stunning accents that enhance your carefully crafted look. Community and country halls rarely feature attractive walls to frame your head table. Dazzle them with backdrops, dividers and drapes to beautify any space instantly. Add in features such as arches, pillars and collonades to enhance the opulent effect. These larger accessories are just part of your total, individualized decoration package designed to fit your event, your venue and your budget. This prices list is, of course, subject to change.

We`ve Got Your Back; Backdrops and Accent Draping

Colonnade Arch $325
8' Satin or taffeta curtain backdrop with draping in white, black or ivory, plus accent draping $10 per linear foot
10 - 20' tall back drop $15 per linear foot

Pillars, Screens and Dividers

4', 5' or 6' wooden Pillars $20
7' white colonial Pillars $25
4' white colonial Pillars $15
Wrought iron Pillars $30
Wrought iron Dividers; antique white $30
Shoji Dividers; black $50
Bamboo accents $25
6' Panels; white, brown or grey $25